What's a PI-27?

A PI-27 is the form that accompanies application and renewals for PIs in


the State of Oregon. We take the Investigator Code of Ethics and all relevant


industry laws seriously. Please see below.

The Code

Investigator Code of Ethics

As an Investigator, I swear or affirm that I will, at all times, demonstrate the core values that are integral to the field of private investigation as follows:

- Character. Good character includes being respectful and courteous, being faithful and diligent, using discretion, demonstrating compassion and exhibiting courage;
- Honesty. Honesty includes integrity, credibility, acting honorably, adhering to the facts and maintaining confidences;
- Striving for Justice. Striving for justice includes just treatment, the quality or characteristics of being just, fair and non-discriminatory;
- Public Trust. Public trust includes maintaining public confidences, being law- abiding and adhering to recognized industry standards; and
- Respect for the laws and constitutions of this state and nation [OAR 259-061-0040]

I will:
- Obey all laws in the pursuit of an investigation;
- Abide by all provisions of ORS chapter 703 and OAR chapter 259, Division 061 as they relate to licensed investigators;
- Never permit personal feelings, prejudices, political beliefs, aspirations, animosities or friendships to influence my professional decisions;
- Never compromise and will relentlessly perform my duties in accordance with the law, courteously and appropriately, without fear or favor, malice or ill-will;
- Maintain each client’s confidentiality within the limits of the law;
- Accept sole responsibility for my individual standard of professional performance and actions, taking every reasonable opportunity to enhance and improve my level of knowledge, competence, and professional integrity;
- Actively seek and report the truth in the performance of my professional duties;
- Be above reproach in the financial aspects of my relationships with clients;
- Abide by the terms of agreements made with my clients to the best of my ability;
- Recognize that the credential of a licensed investigator is a symbol of public trust, to be held only so long as I am true to the ethics of the investigative profession. As an investigator I recognize that I am bound to this code of ethics and will constantly strive to maintain them, dedicating myself to my chosen profession.