Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you currently accepting new clients?


Q: Are you licensed and bonded?

Yes, Kerry McQuisten is a licensed PI in Oregon. Shadow Work Investiations, LLC is a company registered with the Oregon Secretary of State. We are bonded through Western Surety Company.

Q: I'm not a lawyer or a company, just a private individual. Can I still hire you?


Q: Do you have parabolic microphones and wire taps to secretly record people?

It's illegal to record conversations unless one party is aware he/she is being recorded.


Q: Do you take credit cards?

Soon! In October, the company will be set up to accept PayPal and major credit cards.

Q: What do you charge? Do you need a retainer?

Some services are billed at a flat rate. Others are billed per hour. Please see the services page. Depending on the size and scope of your case, a retainer may be required. Mileage and other expenses may be billed depending on the nature of your case.

Q: Will you keep what I tell you confidential?

Absolutely. Your confidentialtiy is protected by law in addition to ethics, barring extenuating circumstances such as a court order.

Q: What areas do you serve?

Oregon with a primary focus on Baker and adjoining counties. We are considering the possibility of Idaho and Wyoming at a later date.


Q: Do I get a written report at the end?

Clients are entitled, by law, to a formal written report within 7 days.

Q: What if I don't want to sign a contract?

By law, private investigators have to offer a written contract to clients. Clients could refuse the offer by that same law; however, per company policy we won't take a case unless a contract is signed and in place.

Q: How many PIs work at Shadow Work Investigations right now?

We just opened for business officially in autumn of 2019, so the answer is one until at least late in 2020. The company was set up with the possibility of bringing aboard additional investigators and expanding services in the future.

Q: Are you the same as law enforcement?

No. While DPSST provides oversight for both professions, private investigators are not law enforcement.