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Shadow Work Investigations offers services to private individuals, government entities, companies and attorneys.

Most of our services are billed hourly at $45/hour. (PI services nationwide can be $35-$200 per hour. Surveillance by companies in the Portland/Salem area can run $75-150 per hour.) Our rates are fairly standard for eastern Oregon. Mileage and other expenses may apply. Other services, such as background profiles, are done at a flat fee ranging from $125-$200 depending on the desired customized content.



We do not perform credit checks, notary services or process serving.

Services include surveillance, witness interviews, social media, public records and other database checks, etc. to support either defense or prosecution efforts; family-related cases such as custody, divorce and infidelity issues; other personal and legal matters for individuals; fraud investigations and more. We also provide undercover shopper services for business owners and managers looking to improve staff interaction, customer service and more.

Continuing education

The learning doesn't stop for PIs who want to retain their licensure. What continuing education is acceptable?

- College, Internet or Correspondence Courses, Conferences, Seminars and Interactive Webinars, Books and Manuals, Pre-recorded or Non-interactive Meda, Department /Board/Committee Meetings, Lectures and Public Presentations, Mentoring , Network Meetings, Publications.

A great pamphlet with a better breakdown of information is available here.